Boats Surveys




We provide full marine survey reports for motor and sail boats to suite the needs of our clients and type of survey required.

Our condition and valuation survey reports are suitable for any purpose to cover the requirement of our clients and well recognized by marine insurance companies as qualified marine surveyor. 

Purposes Of Surveys

  • Pre-Purchase Surveys.
  • Condition And Valuation Surveys.
  • Insurance Surveys.
  • Sea Trials.

Full money back guarantee if your insurance or finance company does not accept the report in writing, due to quality of the report.


Survey Report Contents

Our survey process to determine the condition and the value of the boat, and how the boat is complying with different regulations and standards.  Our reports are subject to recommendations to provide a positive improvement in boat’s standard.

  • Hull and structure.
  • General engine installation and drive systems.
  • Fuel system.
  • Water tight integrity.
  • Interior.
  • General electrical arrangements.
  • Plumbing and tanks.
  • Navigation equipment.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Mast and rigging.
  • Assessment.

Sea Trials

Our sea trials are very unique which we test the boat in the water to confirm the boat's seaworthiness, examine engines, and equipment, check boats behavior in the water, plus we are the first who plot boats maneuvering characteristics, and emergency stops.

Infrared Thermal Inspection

Infrared thermal inspection to determine moisture, previous repairs, hot and cold spots, air and water tight compartments or any suspicious  areas in your boat. 


The fair market value is the most probable price in terms of money which the vessel should bring in the competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale.

Valuations are dependent on boat assessment and condition , after a full survey is carried out.

Price studies and valuation based on well know sources and widely considered by marine industry.