Other Services

Infrared Thermal Inspection


Infrared thermal inspection to determine moisture, previous repairs, hot and cold spots, air and water tight compartments or any suspicious  areas in your boat.  

Hull Thickness Measurement


We measure the thickness of your hull and deck areas in order to confirm a uniform hull thickness, and if difference in hull.  

Noise Level Test


Noise level test to confirm your engine noise levels within limits subject to standards.

Note: (This service for small pleasure boats and PWC)

High Structures Drone inspections


Long masts and structures have been always a challenge for marine surveyors, so we are the first to apply a professional Drone to inspect your long unreachable mast areas and inspect for rust, rigging, gears and sails. Capturing a high quality detailed video and images.

Coming Soon, Not Yet In Service !

Underwater ROV Inspections


Underwater inspection with our ROV to inspect underwater areas, such as vessels hull and underwater areas, marinas, bridges, or any underwater structure.

International Boat Buyers


We help international boat buyers to choose and inspect the boat they are looking for in Canada, in addition we work as your agent to follow up the boats documents and shipping.  

Marine Oil Samples Analysis

Oil analysis are the only method to get reliable feedback about your oil & machine condition.

The purpose of oil sampling is to achieve the highest level of machine performance and reliability by checking the condition and the contamination level of the oil. 

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and like a blood test for the skipper, an oil analysis can identify potential problems before they become major ones. 

We collect the oil samples from your engine, and use our internationally recognized approved labs.