Marine Oil Sample Analysis

 An oil sample analysis (OSA) evaluates the levels and types of metals and the presence of such contaminants as abrasives, soot, water, fuel, and engine coolant in the oil of gas and diesel engines. 

A lab report will flag any suspected anomalies, state possible causes, and recommendations. Typical conditions that can be found by analysis include abnormal wear of metals, fuel dilution, dirt or water contamination, coolant contamination, and incorrect lubricant. 

Discovering any out-of-range condition early can prevent expensive repairs later on.  For instance, fuel dilution will accelerate cylinder and bearing wear. 

High levels of solids will cause wear on bearings, pistons, cylinders, and the valve train.  Excessive soot in a diesel engine can be caused by dirty injectors, weak ignition, low compression, or restricted intake or exhaust, among other things. Simply servicing a dirty injector can save an engine rebuild if caught in time. 

  • Wear Rate Analysis.
  • Oil Cleanliness Analysis.
  • Oil Condition Analysis.
  • Detection Of Fuel, Water & Glycol.
  • Viscosity.